Wagga cul-de-sac could be deprived of phone and internet services for three months

A WAGGA cul-de-sac could be deprived of phone and internet servicesfor three months afteranother “blunder”by theNational Broadband Network(NBN).

Dave Wall is furious at the lack of communication he is receiving from NBN.

Copper wires deliveringhigh-speed broadband to properties on Quambi Place, Mount Austin have been severed by builders, creating a headache fortechnicians.

Residentsclaim the infrastructure was installed just centimetres below the ground, making it a “matter of time” before something went wrong.

Dave Wall is furious at the lack of communication he is receiving from NBN in regards to the repair.

Mr Wall,who works from home and relies on his high-speed network to make ends meet, claims NBN staffhave constantly contradicted one another during the ordeal.

He has been forced to hot-spot from his phone for nine days, and was recently told he and his neighbours may face a 12 week wait for internet.

“It just takes so long to get any proper answers from NBN or get them to do anything at all,” he said.

“One technician told us it would be a matter of days and the next one said it could take up to three months.

“The procedure for trying to get any assistance whatsoever through NBN is just abysmal.”

Mr Wall said he has called NBN three times and they are yet to confirm that the issue has been logged.

“When we had Telstra looking after the infrastructure it was always fixed timely,” he said.

The failure is just one in a series of reported NBN shortcomings, driving frustrated residents to breaking point.

Wagga’s Aydan Heron was also left without a phone or internet connection for almost 11 weeks, despite making multiple complaints.

Mr Heron claims NBN technicians no-showed an appointment to carry out repairs on damaged copper wiresafter he took a day off work to let them inside the property.

“The missed appointments are probably the most frustrating thing,” Mr Heron said.

“You take time off work to be home and you wait for them to come and then they’re a no-show.”

ANBNspokeswoman said those with problems should call their service provider.

“This is important because there can often be issues affecting a service that is outside of the network, like equipment, software and how each service provider designs a network,” she said.

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