The perks of penthouse living

PARRAMATTA:970605:SNH NEWS:Pix by QUENTIN JONES:THU_06:…Aerial of Parramatta CBD…and Parramatta River.Penthouses remain highly sought after – often as a status symbol – but their key attractions are panoramic views, great central location, and natural light, as well as the peace and quiet of being way above city streets.

Sydney buyers’ agent Tracey Chandler says when it comes to penthouses it’s all about the entertaining. “People who choose to live in a penthouse want big balconies and entertaining areas,” she says. “And they want the spectacular views.”

Penthouses are generally the largest apartments in high-rise developments, and tend to run over more than one floor. Privacy is a key perk. Being so elevated means you are far away from the crowds and traffic noise. And because there’s little chance of being overlooked, penthouses usually have plenty of outdoor areas such as roof gardens, hot tubs and barbecue spaces.

Chandler says it’s a given that penthouses will come with two to three car park spaces and maybe a spa or pool. “My clients generally don’t ask about those features as they’re expected to be included,” she says. “It’s never a question of money either; people who want a penthouse know they have to pay the big money and know that the strata fees will be high. For them it’s all about the entertaining.”

Ged Rockliff, head of residential with Savills , says the appeal of penthouses is their exclusivity. “Penthouse owners are generally those with a degree of wealth and who want something that’s scarce and identifies their personal taste,” he says. “Penthouse living is not just about views and space. Owners are looking for something that expresses their individuality.”

Rockliff says you’ll often find penthouse buyers are more discerning about finishes and the way the apartment is laid out. “We’re talking about people who are spending a significant amount of money, so these buyers will expect an apartment that will capture their imagination.”

Penthouse buyers can be empty-nesters downsizing from a house and these people are looking for functionality and liveability, Rockliff says. “These buyers tend to be very educated about property and will analyse the efficiency of an apartment,” he says. “Particularly the flow between the kitchen, living and dining areas.”

A new development in Parramatta – The Lennox – has two four-bedroom penthouses – known as Skyvillas. The Lennox, at 12 Phillip Street, is scheduled for completion in early 2021. Interior architect for the development, Eugene Marchese, says while many think penthouses are just larger-sized units, they offer much more.

“It’s about getting what you have on the ground but enjoying it up in the sky,” he says. “I believe people who live in penthouses don’t want to compromise on what they could get in a house at street level; they want all the features of a luxury home – such as an outdoor area, a good layout with the addition of impressive views and absolute privacy.”

Marchese says a key attraction of The Lennox is the views. “They are spectacular,” he says. “They go beyond the horizon and will bring beautiful natural light into the residence.”

The Skyvillas also offer an element of customisation. Marchese says the type of person who is interested in living in a Skyvilla is someone who will likely want to impart their own ideas on the design.

“We will be sitting down with the purchaser and discussing elements of customisation with them around finishes and fittings,” Marchese says. “They’re making a considerable investment so it makes sense for them to have a say in the design of the residence.”

The Skyvillas are around 200 square metres, which provides a reasonable amount of flexibility when it comes to customisation. “The high-quality appliances and the size of the apartments are unique to this location,” Rockliff says. “But it is the internal layout design that is so attractive. The layout promotes efficiency.”

He adds if the penthouse owners are engaged early on in the process, the end result will show their own design and character throughout the residence. “More often than not these people are coming from large homes and they see penthouses as a way of showcasing their property and personality,” Rockliff says. “When it comes to penthouses it’s important for them to put their stamp on it.”

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