Manilla Action Group taking Telstra service issues to ombudsman

Action stations: Manilla Action Group’s Paul Adnett says he doesn’t want any more ‘lip service’ from Telstra.Afteranother three daysof complete mobileblack-out in Manilla, the local action group saysit hasbeen “forced into a corner”.

The group –made up of residents and business representatives from the town northwest of Tamworth– is set to take the issueup with the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

Thislatest Telstra crisis comes on the back of seven months of mayhem in Manilla, that has also included a two-week mobile black-out late last year, beforeanotherthree-day mobile outage a monthlater.

Thena three-day internet outage earlier this yearfollowed, as well as plenty of other issues in between.

Going to the Ombudsman is one of only two options left to get the town up to speed,according to Manilla Action Group chairPaul Adnett from Adcorp Computers.

He is also demanding that local MPand Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce stepup to force Telstra into action.

“Enough is enough,” Mr Adnett said.

Action group chair Paul Adnett is going to the ombudsman and won’t rest until @Telstra addresses the issues in #Manilla Story @The_NDLpic.twitter苏州夜网/7ZwQtcKL9R

— Chris Bath (@CJBath) April 27, 2017Paul Adnett and the #Manilla action group are calling @Barnaby_Joyce to step in and solve ongoing @Telstra service issues. Story @The_NDLpic.twitter苏州夜网/2c6hkKRTvu

— Chris Bath (@CJBath) April 27, 2017

A Telstra spokesperson once again apologised for the disruption, claiming it was a hardware issue.

Meanwhile, Mr Joyce has said the issue does need to be addressed, although pulled up short of saying that Telstra have broken the agreement.

“We know this has been a great disturbance to business, we have conveyed that to Telstra a number of times and will continue to do so,” Mr Joyce said.

“I’m not going to make a statement about whether they were in their licensing agreement or not, but what I can say is that Telstra is very responsible for that cause.

“Telstra is a private company and therefore we have a regulatory capacity, but we don’t own the company.”

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