Keno win at Isa Hotel within two days of Triple J’s One Night Stand

Someone has won $2.7 million from Keno at the Isa Hotel. But nobody has claimed it yet. Photo: Chris Burns.It’s a modern day Agatha Christie mystery in the making. Happily, with no deaths.

SOMEONE who bought a Keno ticketwon $2.7 million at the Isa Hotel the night before Anzac Day. They have not claimed their prize yet.

The winning numbers were 3, 12, 15, 28, 45, 49, 63, 70, 72, and 79.

It’s not the first time in recent years someone has won big at Keno at the Isa Hotel. An anonymous boilermaker won in 2013. Story here.

There’s a difference of opinion on who this new mystery winner could be. Was it a Mount Isa local, or a visitor in town that attended Triple J’s One Night Stand?

EXCITED: Isa Hotel general manager Rachael McCarthy believes the Keno winner is a local. Photo: Chris Burns.

Isa Hotel’s general manager Rachael McCarthy said staff did not know who the winner was but they hoped it was a regular customer.

The hotel had been booked out on the weekend while the city hosted the Triple J One Night Stand. But she said it was unlikely to be one of those guests.

“A lot of our visitors left on the Sunday, so on Monday night I would say it was someone regular from Mount Isa.

“On Monday night there was quite a few people purchasing Keno tickets so there’s not anybody in particular that we could figure out who it was.”

A local win would be good for the community, Ms McCarthy said. “And someone that is a regular to the Isa Hotel would be good as well.”

it was possible the winner did not know they had won. “But it’s hard to tell,” she said. “They should get in straight away and check their ticket.”

Keno spokesman David Dicker believed the winner could be someone from outside Mount Isa who was visiting for One Night Stand. And he urged anyone in surrounding areas to check their ticket.

The ticket was worth $2,698,238 and was bought at around 9.40pm on Monday, April 24. Mr Dicker said the person must have left the pub before checking it.

He said people often play Keno while having a meal or a night out with friends or family, and leave the club or hotel before their games are finished.

Online reactionNumerous people have asked their Mount Isa friends what they were doing at about 9.40pm the night before Anzac Day, and if they had been at the pub lately. Interrogations hadnot gone quite as far as to seek an alibi.

►Local Lacey Ballard was asked if she wasat the pub that night. Mrs Ballard responded;“Unless the one Lilly (daughter) scribbled all over got up, then no.”

►Janessa Bidgood was asked if she had sneaked into the Keno lounge after her social gathering. “No, I’m regretting it now,” she said.

►Stephanie King was asked if she would visit Cairns on holiday with her prize money.

Ms King said;“I am trying to hide from the world now that I’m rolling in (it). Ah, gammon. Nah, not me.”

►Shandelle Scard asked her husband if he had a “surprise” to reveal to her.

Ron Macmaster saw her comment and asked; “when was the last time you saw him?”

►Ankur Verma offered some solid financial advice to a friend on the North West Star Facebook page.

“Make sure you don’t ever leave straight after your meal at the pub. Moreover, you need to start going to pubs, that’s where the fortune lies.”

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