ATO seize tobacco stash from shed damaged by explosive firevideo

ATO seize tobacco stash from shed damaged by explosive fire TweetFacebookATO seize tobacco stash from shed damaged by explosive firehttps://nnimgt-a.akamaihd苏州夜生活/transform/v1/crop/frm/34dXacDR8RguBkyLHxYXLhN/e966aafe-b495-46b7-a528-68e4842eca40.JPG/r10_218_4245_2611_w1200_h678_fmax.jpgVIC: A stash of tobacco may have been behind an explosive fire which lit up night skies.ATO, n Tax Office, Delacombe, Ballarat2017-04-28T10:27:00+10:00https://players.brightcove苏州夜生活/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5412990070001https://players.brightcove苏州夜生活/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5412990070001Video footage shows five offenders drivinga light coloured van to a lockedSutton Street compound just after midnight. Two offenders left the van and spent several minutes using machinery to break padlocks on the gate.

Five offenders are then seen running through the gates toward a medium-sized shed on the property. Close to an hour after their arrival the offenders are seen running away from the shed seconds before fireworks explode from the building.

Thunderous noises where heard from far and wide with people fromas far away as Wendouree and Golden Point calling triple-0 to report the explosions from 1am onwards.

More than 30 firefighters and police were on scene almost all night. Police confirmed the lessee held a license to store fireworks at the premises.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Robert Parma said the n Taxation Office had been called after “significant quantity” of tobacco was discovered on site by investigating officers.

“We’re pursuing that as a possible motive (for the fire),” Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Parma said.

ATO officers, who were seen seizing samples, would not comment on the investigation, saying it was ongoing.

“As a result of what happened here today there have been some items located that led to involvementof cross-agencies including WorkSafe and the ATO,”Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Parma said.

Police confirmed the only people of interest were the five offenders identified in video footage and confirmed the property tenantwas co-operating with agencies investigating the legality of the tobacco.

Rob, who owns the business located next to the fire, rushed to the scene just after 1am concerned his shed had been affected.He said there had been no trouble at the complex during his five months as a tenant.

“It sounded like World War III,” he said.

Investigations are ongoing. Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

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